Wildwood New Jersey

My wife and I love going down to the Jersey shore.   Wildwood is a resort city on the New Jersey coast.  It sits on a barrier island known for its wide, sandy beaches.

Walk along Pacific avenue and experience the wonderful design and architecture of the Fifties and Sixties.

XT10 18-135 ISO 400 1/1700 @ F7.1

The main drag of Ocean Avenue has retained it’s retro looks but the strip has lost some iconic hotels in recent years.

Wildwood offers so many opportunities to create wonderful images.  Camera of choice for our trip was our  Fujifilm XT10’s. Fuji lens used, 18-55, 18-135 and a Rokinon 8mm fish eye.

The board walk after a heavy morning rain provided the ideal setting for reflective compositions.

XT10 18-135 ISO 200 1/15 @ F11

It is easy to be drawn to wet surface and reflective image photography. Having the weather provide us with a perfect canvas to create with was a bonus we were happy to take advantage of.

XT10 18-135 ISO 800 1/90 @ F6.4

Morey’s Piers


There are three piers along the Wildwood boardwalk.   Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks,  Adventure Pier and Surfside Pier.

The piers were a photographers play ground. The act of “Seeing” was at times over whelming. So many compositions to find that at times we had to remind ourselves to slow down and enjoy the sights and sounds.

XT10 8mm Rokinon ISO 200 1/17 @ F8
XT10 18-135 ISO 400 F6.4 1/1000


This trip to Wildwood was a great experience for me as a photographer on vacation.  It definitely rejuvenated my creative side giving me time to focus and see. Most of the images are hand-held and camera settings for many images have been included to help anyone who might be struggling with their settings when going away on vacation.

Aperture priority was used in every image with exposure compensation adjustments when needed.

The purpose of this blog and future blogs will be to provide some of what I have learned and taught in both the field and the classroom.

Comments or questions are welcomed.

Ron Phillips


A few more of my favorite shots from Wildwood New Jersey.


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7 responses to “Wildwood New Jersey”

  1. Well done Ron! I like the imbedded slide show at the end. Having spent all of our summer vacations there in my childhood this bought up great memories. Watch the car please


  2. Love the blog, Ron. What a great place to keep your images and experieces for all of us to enjoy. You know I have always been a big fan of your photography. Thanks for your education, guidance, advice, images and friendship in the world of photography. Keep on blogging. I look forward to it.


  3. How do you get your photos to be so sharp?! I have a Fuji XT1, 18-135 lens and mine never come out this sharp. I’m assuming you used single point focus? Thanks again for posting. Love these!


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